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Our journey to success in the world of online travel didn’t happen overnight, but no true success ever does.

Growing from a dream shared by two brothers, the company which would become Online Republic started off as a feisty startup venture, helping consumers find great deals on car rental around the world. As the years rolled on, the business expanded to connect people with even more kinds of travel opportunities.

Today the Online Republic Group has 250 staff working from offices in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, China and the Philippines, connecting travellers with amazing holidays in more than 130 different countries all around the world.

Incorporation as an online travel agency, offering car rental aggregation (known today as Airport Rentals)


Motorhome rental aggregation site launched (known today as Motorhome Republic)


Cruise holiday site launched (Now Cruise Sale Finder)


Launch of Search Republic, a specialist SEO and PPC agency


Launch of PredictHQ, Demand predicting intelligence software


Online Republic Group is acquired by Australasia’s largest online travel agency: Webjet Limited


Two powerful B2C brands competing on a global stage

Today the Online Republic Group has 150 staff working from offices in New Zealand and beyond, connecting travellers with amazing holidays in more than 130 different countries all around the world.
Lindsay Cowley explains how the culture and ethos behind Online Republic has driven the company to success.

Coming from humble beginnings, Online Republic has never relied on size or spending power to succeed. Instead, Online Republic’s success has relied on creative innovation, agile adaptation to changing markets and smart strategic choices.

Without being shackled by the inflexibility of bigger companies, we’re free to find outside-the-box solutions to the constantly changing challenges of the online travel industry.

For those we partner with, this means working with a company that stays on the bleeding edge,

whether that’s to do with industry insights, consumer understanding or technical know-how. We spend a lot of time, money and brain power staying on top of our field, and our affiliates have the chance to leverage the in-depth market intel which comes out of all this. Together we have the power to make a real difference in the world of online travel booking.

Online Republic has come a long way since its days as a tiny startup venturing into the world of car rental aggregation, but our story is far from over. Come join us on our journey and find out what’s possible when we team up to take on the challenges of online travel.

Meet the Team

Brains of the Business
Lindsay Cowley
Lindsay CowleyCEO
Lindsay has over 20 years of senior executive experience in travel, digital services, telecommunications, software development and utilities. In the 18 months prior to joining Online Republic, Lindsay led and advised a number of global companies on digital transformation – notably he was responsible for the implementation of Enterprise-wide Agility at Spark New Zealand.
Phil Wright
With over 20 years in the travel industry under his belt, Phil knows a thing or two about the habits of holidaymakers and wanderers. Over these years in the industry he’s also built up a knack for using data and technology to make real improvements in business processes.
Andrew Tombs-Taplin
Andrew Tombs-TaplinACCOUNT MANAGER
Joining the OR family in 2016, Andrew specialises in B2B relationships and technical affiliate solutions. He’s responsible for taking care of affiliate relationships, and relies on his web development background to make sure that each affiliate’s experience is effortless and reaches their full potential.